Want to Increase More Pinterest Followers

Why More Pinterest Followers?

More Pinterest followers can help you get more likes, re-pins, comments, clicks and impressions.

This can then help drive traffic, increase sales, generate leads and build your Pinterest brand.

It also provides an opportunity for you to generate more engagement with your customers.

Here are the tips:

#1: Add the Pinterest Follow Button

The Pinterest follow button diverts website visitors to your Pinterest page, thereby attracting followers. This can be effective if you have a high-traffic website.

Install the button in several prominent places on your website and blog—the header, footer, sidebar, etc. Make it easy for people to find your brand page and convert them into followers.

To create your button, use the widget builder page on Pinterest or create a custom button that matches your branding.

#2: Add the Profile Widget

Similar to the Follow button, the profile widget also leads your website visitors to your Pinterest page. But you may find the profile widget more effective than the Follow button because it’s bigger and can display up to 30 of your latest pins, as seen here on MonikaHibbs.com.

To attract followers, the larger-sized profile widget can be more effective than the tiny Follow button.

#3: Share a Lot

When you share often, more people will see your pins and those pins lead people back to your page by displaying your details below the pin.

People can easily find the person or company who pinned the image, as their details are displayed below the pin.

Another way to help you obtain followers is to pin a lot of images.

#4: Comment on Popular Pins

The Popular section on Pinterest consists of pins that have been repinned, liked and commented on several times. Take advantage of this and get people to check out your own page by commenting on these pins.

Have a good look at the pin; study the image and the description and write a meaningful comment. You want to write more than a two-word comment like ‘‘Great Pin’’ or ‘‘Nice Find!’’ Show people you know and care about this subject by leaving a thoughtful comment. This will make people want to check out your page and follow you.

#5: Mention Others

When appropriate, mention others in the description of a pin or the comments section.

Mentioning other Pinterest users can be a great way to attract their attention and get them to follow you.

When you mention someone on Pinterest, consider complimenting them, too. This will further draw you to that person’s notice and encourage them to follow you.

#6: Connect Your Social Networks

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Pinterest account to attract your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers to your Pinterest account.

You can easily tweet your pins so your Twitter followers can see them and display your latest Pinterest activity in your Facebook friends’ and followers’ feedsChoose the different types of activity you’d like people to see, and with a simple click they can visit your pins, check them out and follow you on Pinterest.

#7: Find Friends From Other Social Networks

Another advantage of connecting your other social networks is you can find friends and connect with them.

Connect your accounts and click on your business name in the top right corner of the screen. In the dropdown menu that appears, click on Find Friends. You can then choose the social networks you’ve connected to find friends and followers and follow them on Pinterest.

#8: Promote Your Individual Boards

Instead of following an entire profile, people prefer following boards on subjects they’re interested in. Work on getting followers for your most popular boards instead of the entire account.

#9: Contribute to Others’ Boards

A quick way to attract followers is to contribute to popular group boards that already have a lot of followers. When you contribute quality pins to these boards, their followers become your followers, too, if they like your pins.

Look for popular group boards and spend some time forming a relationship with the board owner or other contributors, then ask them to invite you to the board.

#10: Follow Others

Look for people with similar interests, follow them and a fraction of them will follow you back. Continue to follow the ones who follow you back and unfollow the ones who don’t. Repeat the process.

Here’s how you follow others:

  • In the Pinterest search bar, type in a keyword related to your field. This will give you a list of pinners, boards and pins that contain your keyword.

Follow other pinners or boards.

  • Then choose what you plan to follow: other pinners or boards.
  • After you make your choice, in the list that appears, begin following people/boards who share pins similar to what you share.
  • Follow about 100-300 people a day and then wait a few days. Then check to see who has followed you and continue following the ones who have followed you back and unfollow the ones who haven’t.

If you follow this procedure, you’ll be able to gradually build up a lot of followers. To make sure you only get followers who’ll be likely to interact with your pins, only follow people who have similar interests.

#11: Run Contests

It’s easy to gain followers when you run a Pinterest contest that offer an incentive or prize that’s sure to entice your target market to participate. Several tools exist to make Pin-it To Win It, Follow and Hashtag contests easy to manage.

This contest entry form showcases the prize, gives valuable contest information, and encourages users to follow the company on Pinterest.

#12: Keep Your Followers Happy

It’s not just about getting followers, it’s also about keeping them happy. Make the extra effort to keep your followers satisfied so they’ll continue following you instead of leaving you.

Here are a couple of ways to keep followers happy:

  • Don’t share everything at once: Instead of clouding your followers’ feeds with your pins all at once, time your pins to go out at regular intervals. You can easily do this by using a scheduling tool like Curalate.
  • Stick to one topic per board: One way to lose your board followers quickly is to share irrelevant pins to your boards. It’s okay to share lots of different topics on different boards, but make sure you stick to one topic per board to keep your followers happy and get them craving more.

Over to You

Using some or all of these tips can help you get more Pinterest followers and increase engagement. More followers will lead to an extended reach, broader visibility for your brand and a greater return on investment (ROI).

State of Online Reviews : Immortal Technologies

Any business owner knows that your most authentic and impactful advocate is a happy customer, and technology has made every customer’s voice extremely powerful,” says SEO team of immortal technologies. “Our data shows just how much consumers trust each other, and therefore how much these advocates can drive purchase decisions and grow brand recognition through online reviews.

Some of the most noteworthy findings that Immortal technologies uncovered were that:

  • Reviews Matter: 93 percent of respondents said that online reviews have an impact on their purchase decisions
  • A Consistent Touchpoint: Almost 60 percent of consumers look at local reviews on a weekly basis
  • Quality over Price: More than two-thirds of consumers (68 percent) are willing to pay up to 15 percent more for the same product or service if they’re assured they’ll have a better experience
  • Content is King: People aren’t just looking at the star rating — they’re actually reading and absorbing online reviews. Review content ranked as the most influential online review factor on whether or not a consumer would engage with a business; A vast majority of those surveyed (82 percent) indicated that the content of a review has convinced them to make a purchase.

To summarize, customers trust and engage with online reviews on a consistent basis, and these reviews prove to be very influential when it comes to making purchasing decisions. We also deal in website development which is situated in New Delhi.

Increase Your Website Traffic Through Twitter


There are some guideline Immortal Technologies use for Twitter tips and tricks. These tips help make your Twitter experience more enjoyable and can help increase your followers.


  • Change your profile picture. Use a picture of yourself to make it seem more personalized if this is your personal Twitter account.
  • Utilize as much of the 160-character limit Twitter BIO space allows. Include keywords your followers or potential followers may be trying to find.
  • Create your own background image. However, do not make the image too much like an ad or sales pitch. The background image must be less than 800k and we recommend a size of 1600×1200 for a large image or smaller if you plan on tiling the image or just having it on the left-hand side. Finally, keep in mind that smaller resolutions and monitor sizes hide much of the background.

Third-party tools

Take advantage of the hundreds of different third-party online tools and services that enhance your Twitter experience. Below are a few of our favorites.

  • TwitPic – Take advantage of TwitPic to post pictures on your tweets. If you want to post pictures while away from the computer, use the Twitterific app.
  • Qwitter – Great service that sends an e-mail anytime someone unsubscribes from your Twitter profile and mentions a possible Twitter post you made that may have caused them to leave.
  • Manageflitter – Fantastic site for managing your followers and getting an overview of people not following you back, quiet users, and inactive users.
  • WeFollow – Great website that allows you to add yourself to a listing of Twitter users by tags you find interesting.
  • SocialOomph – Another great service with a collection of free Twitter tools including the ability to schedule when tweets gets posted.
  • Twitter Fan Wiki Apps – Finally, this wiki has a listing of several hundred different Twitter applications and tools for users wanting more.

Use Twitter search

Take full advantage of the Twitter search tool. Below are just a few tips that can help improve your search capabilities on Twitter.

  • Search for your website or blog URL and see if others are mentioning your page.
  • Search for anything near you by adding near:”city state”. For example, typing near:”Salt lake city Utah” club would return current tweets that have happened in Salt Lake City, Utah with the keyword club in them.
  • Find people whom you may enjoy following by searching for keywords that interested you.
  • If you do not want tweets with links add ? -filter:links at the end of your search query.
  • Need more options, use the Advanced Twitter search.
  • Any time you get excellent results, click the “Save this search” button to save them. For those with the old Twitter interface, these results can then be found under “Saved Searches” on the right-hand part of your profile. For those with the new interface, they are under the “Searches” tab next to your timeline.


  • Engage followers.
  • Do not follow too many people. No one wants to follow someone following thousands of people with only 10 followers.
  • Retweet interesting posts.
  • Retweet and participate in conversations with people with lots of followers.
  • Realize it is impossible for anyone to read every tweet.
  • When first joining do not follow hundreds of people, doing this may mark you as a bot.

Create useful and interesting tweets

  • Try to make all your tweets informative, useful, or funny.
  • Do not post mundane posts, e.g. eating a bowl of cereal.
  • Add hashtags to your tweets. For example, if your tweet is about computers, consider adding #Immortal_Techno in the tweet.
  • Tweet frequently. No one is going to follow someone they do not know who has not tweeted in months. Try to tweet a few times a week or daily if you can manage.
  • Do not whine or complain. Most people unfollow anyone who constantly whines or complains.
  • Try to make your valuable tweets during the times people will most likely see them.
  • Keep some space available in your tweet in case someone retweets your post.
  • Use special characters in your tweets.

Useful SEO Tactics for website SEO


Here are 10 SEO tactics that you need to know in Immortal technologies use to our client site:

1. Creating Incredible Content That Earns Links

Even after all of the changes with the search engine algorithms, inbound SEO links are still the biggest influence for search engines. This is unlikely to change. On the other hand, other methods of link acquisition have changed. Earning a link from a high-quality, relevant website will not only help with your SEO but also with referral traffic, which can lead to more sales and brand exposure. Creating incredible content that people will want to share is still the best way to earn links.

2. Co-Citation Links

Every time a search engine finds your website next to your competitors, it tells them that your company is in a related niche. To get co-citation links, do a search for “best” or “top 10” items in your niche.

Example: top 10 blue widgets

If you do this search and don’t find your business in the results, get in touch with the publisher and ask that your company be added to the list. Be prepared to justify why your company should be included and where appropriate, give them a summary to go along with a link.

3. Editorial Links

Editorial links can be some of the most powerful for SEO because they come from other publications in your niche mentioning your company. They can also come from thought leadership guest posts that you write and get published on third-party sites.

The easiest way to get editorial links is to create outstanding content that people will want to share with their readers. Another way is to guest post on a high-quality site that is in your niche. Be prepared to create incredible content that may be heavily scrutinized before publishing.

Interviews are another way to get editorial links.

As part of the interview, you should be allowed to cite your work in your responses. This can lead to even more backlinks and traffic.

4. The Broken Link-Building Method

Here’s another white-hat link-building strategy that can be quite effective. In this case, you’re actually helping publishers fix broken links, which can be helpful to their readers. However, this only works if your content is good enough to replace the lost content.

To do the broken link-building method, you must find broken links on a site that is relevant to your niche. You then contact the webmaster with the broken link and recommend your site as an alternative to the broken link. To find out more, you can read the broken link-building Bible at the Moz blog.

5. Link Reclamation

Link reclamation can help you get fresh links by finding broken links to your site and having the publisher fix them.


  • Find brand mentions about your site and ask the publisher to add a link
  • Find places where your content has been used without attribution (places where people have used your post or infographics without giving you credit) and request a link from the person

According to Kristi Hines with kristihines.com, “A lot of people think of link reclamation as just 301’ing pages they have moved that still have a lot of great backlinks. But I like to think of reclamation as more than that. I like to think of it as not just reclaiming, but claiming links you deserve.”

In order to make this automated, you can set up a Google Alert to email you whenever your company’s brand is mentioned. You can then check that page to find out if they link to your site.

6. Link Outreach

Link outreach is a bit “old school” but can still be quite powerful. To do this, find a website that is relevant to yours and get their contact information from the site. Send them an email or call and politely ask them for link. This works better if the site has a slightly different business than yours but may share a common audience.

7. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is nothing new, and companies have been researching their competitor’s links for years. However, by looking at the competitor’s backlinks and manually reviewing which links are worth having, you can then perform a link outreach and try to get a link from the same referring site.

8. Focus on ROI Instead of Keyword Rankings

While we all enjoy seeing the keywords rank well in the search engines, this doesn’t necessarily mean your SEO campaign is successful. It’s possible to rank number one for many keywords that have no real ROI. Instead, you should focus on metrics that bring conversions.

9. Create an SEO Strategy That Maps to an Audience

Over the past few years, we’ve lost most of the keyword data in Google Analytics and other tools. This has required marketers to change from traditional methods of SEO to create new ways of segmenting their audiences.

In order to do this we must find new keywords to focus on, new ways to approach neighboring markets, and determine where our competition is succeeding with SEO and how you can do it better.

The days of stuffing keywords into bad content and having it rank are long gone. Now your content needs to focus on your target persona and your keywords need to flow within the content. This is why it’s so important that content and SEO be tied closely together.

10. Optimize for Yahoo, Bing, and Others

Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo may slowly take a bigger piece of Google’s pie in 2015. Yahoo is now the default search engine for Firefox. Safari had a deal with Google, which is supposed to end in 2015, and Yahoo and Bing are both trying to become the default search engine for the browser.

E-Commerce Website Development Company

As e-Commerce website development company market is developing, our meaning is to develop a top-excellence e-Commerce website in the  majority effective manner. Our e-Commerce solutions are simple and processed by a secure management system. Our e-commerce website developers are knowledgeable in designing elegant GUI design & developing robust back-end management functionality.

Ecommerce Development Service

Ecommerce Development Service

Immortal Technologies Pvt Ltd offers next e-commerce development services:
· E-commerce Websites Design & Development
· Easy Order Tracking & Processing
· Search engine friendly powerful Shopping Cart features
· Database Driven Product Catalogs
· Different Criteria for Product Search
· Price Alerts according to Customer Interest
· Online Payment Processing
· Credit Card Validation
· Payment Gateway Integration

Immortal Technologies Pvt Ltd offer following e-commerce framework solutions:

· Magento
· X-Cart
· osCommerce
· Zen Cart
· WooCommerce
· Prestashop

If you are look for an e-commerce solution, contact us and we will contact you with a cost effectual solution.

Best E-commerce design trends

Let’s have a close up look at most craved brilliants of the mobile Ecommerce website development company A lot of sites have been redesigned recently in order to match the best prospect of nowadays audience.

Most platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento etc. are totally linked to shops’ designing. The latest trends make people redesign a lot of material, by the way some features get simplified as well as the others keep getting more and more complex.

Here’s the list of 6 most popular trends up-and-coming this year.

Interface that is finger friendly

A lot of people will see your site on any kind of mobile device before they actually reach to in on their PC. This leads to a lot of sites being mobile-oriented and rather finger-friendly (meaning they’re designed with high touch screen options).  Some are made for stylus; others are more like multi-touch feature.

Here are two major skin to wait for:

  • Less content sliders. They are not handy at all, so most of them are useless as the mobile-oriented feature. They are more made for websites, and that’s not a trend at all.
  • Larger buttons. They will absolutely grow, both for navigation and links for people to see them and operate them easier.

Page full of content

The page shall now contain more materials to see, this means designers shall pay more attention to all likely ways to combine information and let it get available in an easy way.

One option is quick views, all kinds of small pictures people can use to get a quick glimpse on goods or photos. This will allow people to see complete information without leaving the current page. Less clicking – more profit.

The other alternative is sure thing the cloud. This lets people to choose the subject of their interest without any hesitation and distractions. Furthermore they can always choose the exact purpose of their search matching their needs completely.


Ecommerce website development company

Design with responsive twist

Responsive design is major feature for mobile ecommerce applications design. Still this doesn’t mean the developers will turn their attention away from PC sites, so two ways of page designing will still go hand in hand.

Any site having two kinds of its index page will get the opportunity to gather attention of both mobile device users and PC owners.

Tricky Fonts

Never undervalue fonts! This is the basic rule of the new IT world of mobile eCommerce apps. The fonts are rip out of basic limits and appear to be the part of page design. They get really significant in creating the look of your store, so do not hesitate to use the most popular and attractive fonts.

Graphics keep growing

This quality may seem to oppose the previous one regarding having more content at one page. However big graphics help to draw attention to the site and make it more attractive. Also the size of the picture is limited by the screen, so you may be sure it won’t be oversize in PC version.

All graphics are mended according to the device they’re made for and strongly related to the size of the screen.


Beginner’s Guide to On-Site Ecommerce SEO

Competitor Research

If you have no clue where to start with on-site optimization for your Ecommerce site, then your competitors are your best gamble. Larger competitors particularly have probably already put in the groundwork for optimizing their website, and you can learn many of their secrets on their website itself.


Homepage SEO

The homepage is characteristically where most businesses focus their SEO budget and energy. While it is absolutely one of the top pages of your website to optimize, it is by no means the only one you should focus on.

That said, you do want to optimize your homepage well. The key things you want to contain and optimize are as follows.

  • Homepage Title Tag – The SEO title tag is one of the most important element of on-site search optimization. It should include your business name along with the main keyword phrase you are targeting. You should write this title tag in under 70 characters and in a way that is appealing to search visitors, as they will see it in search results.
  • Homepage Meta Description – While this is not important as far as keyword rankings, the meta description for your homepage is a 160-character description of your business that will also show up in search beneath the title tag. Write it in a way that encourages people to want to visit your website.


  • Homepage Content – The content on your homepage should assist visitors learn more about your business and the products you have to offer in a clear and concise way.
  • Site Architecture
  • As you are adding products and category to your store, remember that site architecture plays an important role in search optimization. chiefly, you want to have a distinct hierarchy of navigation, from your homepage to product categories to the products listed within them.
  • Product Page Optimization
  • Product pages are the livelihood of your business, so you will want to focus a lot of your energy optimizing them. Here are the exact things you want to work on.
  • Product Name
  • The name of your product is important. In the majority cases, it’s also used in the SEO title and URL of your product page. This is why you may want to consider addition a common search term or keyword phrase to your products.
  • Product Description
  • An important element in on-site optimization is the meta description, and Google will usually take your product description and make it the meta description for the page. While the meta description doesn’t help you rank for keywords, it does (in most cases) show up in search results.
  • It also show up when people share your product on Facebook and Pinterest, which makes it necessary
  • Image Optimization
  • Images are an important part of your product page. Stand in your customer’s shoes for a moment. Are you additional likely to buy a product from a site that obviously depicts the product from as many angles as possible, from a site that has no image at all, or from one that is small and illegible?
  • Not only are images vital for your customers, they are important for search optimization.


Help your customer feel more confident about their purchase by also adding video to your product page. The video can be crucial information about your product (like a commercial), a how-to video on ways to use the product to get results, or testimonials from people who have used the product.


Reviews are another way to boost customer confidence in your product, so if you have a good product, be sure to allow them.

Bad reviews aren’t forever a bad thing either. Think about it – if you have a higher priced item that has great reviews, and a lower priced item with so-so reviews, then people will be more likely to choose the higher priced item, resulting in bigger sales for your business.

FAQ Content

Do people ask questions about your products? Of course they do. Having product-exact FAQ content on your product pages is a key to conversions.

Why? If customers have questions that you don’t answer, they’ll go somewhere else to find those answers — and likely buy from the source that answers the questions.

CMS Website Design (Content Management System) Service Delhi India

 So what exactly is a CMS web site?

A CMS or a ‘Content Management System‘ fairly literally allows you to control and manage the content within your web site – without technical training. by means of this uncomplicated system you can very easily add, delete images and edit text in your web site on the fly. You can also have an unlimited number of pages and a full site-search engine. What’s more… with ‘Immortaltechnologies(L)- Web Design’ you can have a extremely professional CMS web site at a very reasonable price indeed!

Great for users with no programming or HTML experience?

Simply put, if you have just a little experience with Microsoft Word then you will be able to manage the content of your own web site very easily indeed. You need have no programming or HTML experience. Editing can be done with any normal web browser from anywhere in the world – or with your mobile device 🙂

See our 1 minute CMS Editing Demo movie

The majority people new to the world of CMS websites cannot imagine how they could ever manage their site themselves.!

Why is it time for you to opt for CMS?

Many companies find it hard to keep their web site content as up to date as they would like. Often there are delays receiving new content online, the site stagnates and your clients get to see outdated information – and Google may well demote you in its listings.

A CMS web attendance allows you to manage your web site even if you have no technical knowledge, knowledge with HTML or web site design. It also reduces the calls to your web design organization or IT department for changes to the web site. CMS reduce the time required to publish, allow you to get your content on-line faster. This is a very important subject for any professional web site.

Why use ‘ ImmortalTechnologiesDelhi‘ to develop your CMS website?

You have read some really amazing things about CMS on this page. Having a web site that you can manage yourself is the perfect solution for most companies.
However, you do need a professional company to design and develop your site. Immortal Technologies  are professional Joomla developers.
It’s no chance that we are chosen to develop websites by companies from Dubai to New York to California to Hong Kong to London to Lisbon to Naples to Hamburg to… need we say more?

In the field of web design you really do get what you pay for. Let’s face it – it doesn’t substance how little you paid for your website or how attractive it is. If it can’t quickly be found in the search engines then it is losing money for you every single day. Now that is a very expensive website!

Once Immortal Technologies – Web Design’ has developed your CMS site, it belong to you. There are no monthly fees – no license fees – no maintenance fees – you are not tied to us in any way. You login to your own website to control your own content. You have complete independence and total control! If you should require any support, then of course we are there for you.