Advanced link building tips


Link building has become a very hard and tricky job, and because of that you need professional tools to help you with that. Immortal Technologies Pvt Ltd found 4 different tools that you can and should use for discovering and building new, high-quality links for seo.

  1. Discover competitors’ common backlinks

If you research your competitors, you will probably notice that they have some backlinks in common which you don’t have yet. Well, if they managed to get these backlinks, why shouldn’t you too?

All you have to do is analyze these backlinks and try to get them as well. The Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT) is a tool especially made for this. Enter up to 10 competitors and start your report. CBLT will help you not only find common backlinks, but also discover competitor’s sources and techniques.

  1. Get an indirect backlink from your competitor

It is quite common that some of your competitors link to the same sites. Link Juice Thief (LJT) finds places where your competitors commonly link to. These sites are usually big authorities in your industry.

The Link Juice Thief (LJT) has a similar results matrix to the Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT). In many cases, you will find that the pages your competitors link to are authoritative sites in your niche.

Common websites where the top 6 news websites in the United Kingdom link to sorted by LRT Power*Trust dom.

A link from such a place would be very helpful as to the powerful link juice your website would receive. But there is something else: if you manage to get your backlink here, your competitors will indirectly link to you.

The Link Juice Thief (LJT) tool helps you get backlinks from high authority  pages in your niche.

  1. Recover your dead backlinks

Sometimes you might find broken links to your website. This may be the case if the location of your page changes or if another webmaster misspelled your link. In both cases, these backlinks will return a 404 error.

Such issues may also commonly occur after a site was re-launched or migrated to another domain. You should then redirect these backlinks to some other page.

The Link Juice Recovery Tool (LJR) helps you find the backlinks that your site has, that are linking to a non-existent page (HTTP-code 404). You should try and recover this power and trust those links have either by recreating the page, or redirecting the link to another existing page.

LJR doesn’t only detect HTTP-code 404 errors, it also detects timeout errors (504) or invalid access errors (403) for example. When re-launching your website, you want to look at all these errors, find the root problem and fix it before you get in trouble.

The Link Juice Recovery Tool is very simple to use; just pop in your URL there and run the report. First, you will get a list of all your broken backlinks:

  1. Turn your mentions into backlinks

This is probably one of the easiest ways to gain some new backlinks. Somebody already wrote something about you. They mentioned your brand or product, but they have not linked to your website. In situations like these, it is usually enough to contact the webmaster and ask him to convert that mention into a backlink.

But, how do you find those mentions? With LinkResearchTools is easy. All you need to do is start a Backlink Profiler (BLP) report and filter the results by Link Status > MENTION.

Backlink Profiler (BLP) – Mentions

The Backlink Profiler (BLP) is a great tool for finding mentions that look like links but to find brand mentions that don’t look like URLs will take a little more digging.

Another way to find and monitor mentions is by using the SERP Research Tool (SERP) with a smart combination of advanced search operators.


Immortal Technologies SEO Analysis Tools


Woo Rank is a fermium tool that provides an “instant website review.” Without a premium account, you are only allowed to generate a limited number of free reports, but you are able to view previously generated reports. Also, the tool currently offers a 7-day unlimited free trial, which gives you access to unlimited reviews. If you’re interested in purchasing a plan, the cheapest one is $49/month.
The report is divided into the following 8 sections:

Marketing Check list – These are the most important action items for your site.


SEO – This section checks if the site is following various on-page and off-page SEO best practices (e.g., appropriate title and description, keyword consistency, back link count, www/non-www canonicalization, XML Sitemap usage, etc.).


Mobile – The mobile version of your site is displayed, and the site’s adherence to mobile optimization best practices is evaluated.


Usability – This determines if your site is user-friendly by evaluating various usability best practices (e.g., the existence of a custom 404 pages, above the fold content, structured markup, etc.).


Technologies – This section investigates miscellaneous aspects of the site (e.g., W3C standards compliance, speed optimizations, etc.).


Social – This quantifies your site’s popularity on social networks, and it reproduces various social data found elsewhere (e.g., profile information on Face book, Twitter, Google+, etc.).


Local – This section presents your site’s listings in local directories (e.g., Yelp, Foursquare, etc.) as well as online reviews associated with those listings.


Visitors – This measures the site’s popularity based on various traffic estimates.

Reasons why small business NEEDS a website


In the same way as other little entrepreneurs, you may trust your business can’t profit by having a site or that a site is not inside your financial plan. On the other hand possibly you think since you don’t utilize a PC, neither do your potential clients. These are misguided judgments. These 8 reasons by Immortal Technologies show why your organization NEEDS an expert site, regardless of what size your business.


Today, more purchasers utilize the web to hunt down the items or administrations they require. Your little business will pick up validity by having a site. Without one, potential clients will go to your rivals that do. On the off chance that you as of now have a site however it is “home-made”, having it professionally updated will furnish your business with an expert picture which will move much more prominent certainty. For home-based organizations, this is especially helpful since you don’t have a store front to advance your items or administrations.


As a little entrepreneur you most likely think you can’t bear the cost of an expert site, however you can’t manage the cost of NOT to. In spite of the fact that the expense of planning a site differs, once it’s up and running, a site for a little business for the most part expenses under $100 a month and, now and again, as meager as $20. Contrasted and the expense of a daily paper advertisement, when you consider the potential business sector you can reach with a site, it is an exceptionally savvy approach to advance your business.


Think about your site similar to your online handout or inventory. It is much simpler and faster to redesign data about your items and administrations on your site than in print material, making it a successful method for telling your clients about the landing of new items, up and coming occasions, exceptional advancements, or any new administrations you now offer. Not at all like print advertisements which rapidly get to be obsolete, your site can give current data and news.


A site is accessible to both your standard and potential clients day in and day out/365 giving them the comfort of surveying your items and administrations when your store or office is shut. With today’s bustling ways of life, this is an awesome offering moment that settling on a buy choice.



Whether you give items or administrations, your site will give an option area to offer them. As a retailer, a site (eCommerce) is an awesome spot to offer your items to a more extensive business sector; even administrations can be made accessible universally. Try not to think you’ll have the capacity to offer your items or administrations online? Keep in mind, even autos and houses offer online!


Regardless of what kind of business you’re in, a site is an extraordinary spot to showcase your work. By including a portfolio or picture display, and in addition testimonials about your work, you can exhibit what makes your business interesting.


Giving data to your clients requires some serious energy, whether it’s on the telephone, up close and personal, in a leaflet, or in messages. With an online inventory you can give heaps of data about your items and administrations. Once your site is up and running, it is accessible to your clients inconclusively, sparing you time. Also, what is time? Time is cash!


Possibly you offer ecologically benevolent items and might want to share tips on the most proficient method to reuse, or maybe you’re a bookkeeper and need to give your customers exhortation on the best way to disentangle their accounting hones. By including a FAQ page, adding articles or transferring bulletins to answer every one of your clients’ inquiries you can stay up with the latest. What better approach to furnish them with quality included administration than by sharing data on your site.

So, here we are Immortal Technologies to solve your entire problem. We have good team of website design and development team. We assured you to give your website at professional way.

Importance of Social Engagement in SMO


Organizations are continually worrying about online networking. Is it true that we are doing what’s necessary? Is it accurate to say that we are on the right channels? Is it true that we are pleasing our fans? Is it truly profiting?

These are all incredible inquiries (we especially like that last one) and it really takes a great deal of work to answer each of them. One of the approaches to quantify the estimation of your social speculation is with regards to how it’s conveying movement to your site. Certainly, there are the people who come through from a connection on one of your social channels, but at the same time some sign your joined social nearness is an element in how well you rank in Google query items.

The Social-SEO Connection

Google has been truly close-lipped regarding what number of social variables add to your inquiry rankings. They have said it was one thought among numerous in their calculation and afterward in their normal design turned out two or after three years and said it wasn’t. A debt of gratitude is in order for making life simple on us, Google.

We know 2 things for sure:
1. Most SEO experts trust that online networking nearness and engagement is surely one of the positioning variables Google considers. Nobody supposes it’s an essential component, however it is a main 10 variable as per the latest Search Engine Ranking Factors distributed by Moz, a very regarded name in the inquiry advertising field. Their yearly study depends on both target and subjective examination by promoting experts around the globe.
2. Online networking can convey movement to your webpage and Google IS paying consideration on that. Movement coming from online networking profiles can be a genuine in addition to. Social engagement and cooperation tells Google your business is being discussed and connected to. It’s an indication that your business is open, centered around client administration, and responsive on the web.

So what does this mean for you?
1. Guarantee your social profiles are upgraded as every online networking webpage prescribes. On the off chance that your profile is just 70% complete, get in there and make it 100%. Guarantee your profile is connecting to your site and your image, office, staff and items/administrations are very much spoke to.
2. Online networking locales are ravenous for substance, so give them what they need. Facebook specifically is making it less demanding and simpler to share more substance right on their stage, including spilling video and more frame articles (through their Notes highlight). At whatever point you are creating content, consider its “offer capacity” variable and how likely it is individuals will lock in. Data representation, articles, recordings, overviews and so forth are all things known not footing with clients. Continuously make a point to connect back to a pertinent asset on your site.
3. Keep the conversation going. Continuously remember that in case you’re in a social space, you should be prepared to take part in and screen that space. Thank clients for their remarks freely, give extra connections to look at, and keep them needing to add to your profile. Never let remarks, great or awful, wait for over a day at most without an individual reaction.


While Google isn’t coming right out and saying that being dynamic on social destinations enhances your hunt rankings, it’s truly difficult to comprehend as of right now that such movement wouldn’t have a constructive outcome. In case you’re doing everything a contender is doing, in addition to enchanting your clients and fans on an assortment of social channels, is there any valid reason why Google wouldn’t have any desire to send more individuals your way? As we’ve said commonly some time recently, full-circle online engagement is the thing that Google needs and what it rewards in its rankings.

Questions and Answer about Online Reputation Management


Online Reputation Management is as fundamental to an organization as it is to a Human Being. It is characterized as a procedure of controlling the audits of the general population when one quests your organization’s name on the Search Engines. The procedure manages the organization’s image in the online business sector. The group we are talking is the whole web including Search Engines, Blogs, Forums, Social Networking Sites and so forth.

Online Reputation Management is an approach to redesign your positive input, demonstrating it at the top in the SERP and pushing down the negative surveys of the organization’s site to keep up the notoriety of the organization.  ORM is a way to help your company show its best face forward by protecting against unchecked defamation and by providing market stability.

Discussing why Online Reputation Management is important and why it’s something which can’t be missed is a result of the drifting Digital Age. Web has risen as a solid medium to interface with individuals furthermore, a medium to share, express perspectives, and feelings about everything. For the customers and for the organization proprietors, the input assumes an exceptionally real part.

It is astutely said, it takes quite a long while to construct great notoriety, however just few moments are sufficient to demolish it! Same runs with any organization; It take years for a brand to assemble its notoriety however one and only negative survey can demolish the picture of the brand.

Before Internet appeared, Businesses took care of their messages by means of restricted correspondence channel. Since web has now turned out to be so dynamic, the messages are presently being taken care of by means of Social Media, Customer surveys, Forums and Blogs, and so forth; henceforth, making it exceptionally vital to have an online notoriety record.

Online Reputation is not something which stays for a brief timeframe; notoriety either makes you or breaks you! On the off chance that you don’t deal with your image online then there are chances that another person may do it for you. Say if your image is doing great, the contenders would be desirous of you, attempting to annihilate your notoriety by any methods. In the event that you are not dealing with your notoriety on the web, you will scarcely become acquainted with what’s your present status. Shielding yourself from a negative remark, video or from a false blog entry, and so forth, you need an Online Reputation Management.

Individuals can stoop down to any level to wreck your open picture. They can document a dissension against you, may advance your opposition or maybe can make a negative picture by composing shoddy proclamations for your sake by making fake records. Dealing with your notoriety is not about advancing yourself but rather it resembles shielding your picture from getting annihilated.
Wonder who cares about online reputation. Let’s have a look.

Isn’t it regularly said that notoriety is the thing that matters by the day’s end. In the event that you are a business, your notoriety specifically influences your deals; in the event that you are a business, your notoriety straightforwardly influences your status in the organization. Notoriety Matters! Presently a-days, each other individual inquiry the web either out of need or interest before settling on a choice. It is a typical propensity to swing to Search Engines in the event that one needs to take in more about something. Consequently, your notoriety online goes far towards making a man’s assessment about you. The most widely recognized gatherings that are well on the way to find you online are:

  • Consumers
  • Business partners
  • Stock holders
  • Marketers
  • Journalists
  • Prospective employers
  • Co-workers
  • Personal contacts

Keep in mind, People loves to Google. They are so attached to completing hunts on Google, even to look for best nourishment place in the town, they will Google it.

Steps for diagnosing your Google Rankings and Online Reputation.

Your initial step will be to investigate. Dissect and distinguish what your Google rankings are, furthermore have a smart thought about your online notoriety.

You can’t control any circumstance without first discovering what the issue is and how awful is the it. The principal thing to do is to know your Google positioning, as then just you will know where you remain on SERPs when you make a quest for your business name. Subsequent to looking where you rank on SERPs, roll out the essential improvements to enhance your rankings.

Firstly, Google your business name.
Sign-out of your Google record and make a quest for your business name. Since Google customizes query items taking into account your area and as per the data Google has about you, through your Google account. This may modify the outcomes you get. Consequently, sign-out to get the genuine picture.


Secondly, Diagnose
Check the classification your business falls under and additionally your Google rank and your online notoriety, once you have the query items before you. After this, choose which class best depicts your business name on the main page of the indexed lists.

A tender update, concentrate on the principal page of Google query items as 93% of the clients never go past the initial 10 results on SERPs to assemble an impression.

Online Reputation Management


There are three types of online reputation which affect your business:

  1. Irrelevant Reputation: In this kind of notoriety, the outcomes which go ahead the SERP are about you, yet they barely have any effect to you or your image. They neither help you nor do they hurt you. The odds could be that the data is either obsolete or immaterial. For instance: “X” individual hunt down your organization name ‘Immortal Technologies’ yet the outcomes appeared on the SERP are not significant to the required inquiry written by the searcher. The outcome is superfluous to the hunt question. Subsequently, it is known as immaterial notoriety.
  2. Positive and Relevant Reputation: In this sort of notoriety, the outcomes you get on SERP discuss your gestures of recognition, how well are you getting along, how well are you serving to your clients, the positive criticism. This implies it is possible that you have a decent hang on your clients or you are dealing with your online notoriety entirely well.

Impact of Positive and Relevant Reputation

  • Retention of customers: Creating new customers or leads is constantly troublesome than keeping up or getting the business from the current one. Holding a current customer will include less time and assets and the inclination accomplished in precious. Along these lines, with great notoriety, it’s simpler to hold the client. Why lose the least demanding winning which you can bring by keeping up positive notoriety.
  • Attract new customers: In today’s reality, individuals are innovation monstrosity. Individuals are admirably checking online about the items they need to purchase furthermore taking a gander at what others need to say in regards to the item before obtaining them. In the event that your organization or the brand has a decent notoriety on the web, you will draw in more clients; in this manner, acquiring new business.
  • Positive Reputation brings in new business and investors: Positive Reputation helps you bring new business and speculators, as well. At the point when your business is doing admirably, you get to be observable. There are chances that you may be offered incredible arrangements by some different organizations which will work with you and there can be speculators who need to put their cash in your business. Making an online positive notoriety for your business is difficult. It is not’s some tea, not everybody will put in that diligent work which is required. Be that as it may, to support in this aggressive world, it is crucial to assemble your positive notoriety and keep up till the end.

    3. Negative Reputation: This sort of notoriety is the most undesirable one. The outcomes appeared on the SERP are negative which conveys a negative effect to your image or the organization name. It is anything but difficult to stain anybody’s notoriety by essentially posting a photo, by sharing a notice or just by a blog entry from a non-fulfilled purchaser or a present worker or possibly a contender. Google gets it all. The picture can be discolored inside seconds. For instance: neighborhood news titled “XYZ Company positioning keep going for Customer fulfillment”.

    Impact Of Negative Reputation

  • Negative reviews lead to negative image: This sort of notoriety is the most undesirable one. The outcomes appeared on the SERP are negative which conveys a negative effect to your image or the organization name. It is anything but difficult to stain anybody’s notoriety by essentially posting a photo, by sharing a notice or just by a blog entry from a non-fulfilled purchaser or a present worker or possibly a contender. Google gets it all. The picture can be discolored inside seconds. For instance: neighborhood news titled “XYZ Company positioning keep going for Customer fulfillment”.
  • Loss of Existing Clients: The web is a spot where irregular individuals talk about arbitrary points. There are gatherings and exchange boards, where individuals examine about their issues. Individuals impart their insight and gain from others, as well. One negative survey from your current customer or from a current unsatisfied customer can prompt loss of your other existing customers. The verbal exchange on web assumes an extremely compelling part to make or break your business.
  • No new business: Negative audits about you or your organization will bring you no new business. Each individual who will contribute cash on you will pay special mind to your notoriety in the business sector. One negative audit will settle on his choice sketchy to work with you. Along these lines, making issues to get new business.
  • Unsavory Records: Negative audits about you or your organization will bring you no new business. Each individual who will contribute cash on you will pay special mind to your notoriety in the business sector. One negative audit will settle on his choice sketchy to work with you. Along these lines, making issues to get new business.

A way to success – Online Reputation Management!

Follow the simple process to maintain your business reputation:

  1. Monitoring: As a website admin, you have to think about everything that is being discussed your site. What is the stage your site is being referred to at? Will that specify influence you decidedly or negatively affect your notoriety? Who is discussing you or any of your items? What are they talking? You need a response to the greater part of the above inquiries. This is the time where all the devices prove to be useful. Some of these apparatuses that could help you in discovering answers to the above inquiries are Google Alerts, Yahoo Alerts, Twitter Search, and so on.
  2. Preventing: Online Reputation Management is worried with dealing with your organization’s name, your image name, your name, names of abnormal state officials connected with your organization, your item’s name, and so on. Regardless of the fact that one of these things is harmed, it will spread like a pestilence to every single other thing too. For this, you initially need to take a few to get back some composure on online networking stages and get enlisted there. Another powerful method for keeping the harm to your sites is by composing a web journal.
  3. Fixing the damage: In the event that the harm has as of now been done, you have to quickly repair it. Enlisting an ORM master may help you. You can even go up to the site and demand them unassumingly to put it down.

On the other hand, you can likewise begin making utilization of the intense online networking accounts; make a system of connections and after that connection it to your principle site.

Reputation Management made easy with these tips!

  • Keep a strict vigilance on your online content. As soon as you find something negative, deal with it in the appropriate way.
  • Google is the mantra. Google your company’s name and see what shows up in the search results.
  • You could also try Google Chrome’s ‘incognito’ mode to make a search. This mode removes some of the personalized results that Google serves to its recognized users and presents you with more generic search results. These results will be similar to what others might see online.
  • Check the first 3, 4 or 5 pages of search results for any negative mentions about your business online. Such mentions don’t take time to travel to the first page. You can also make a spreadsheet and not down which results were positive, negative or neutral. Which results you can control and influence and which ones you can’t.
  • Be active online. Give immediate responses to unhappy customers on social media or directory sites. Respond in a way that covers up for the negative mention.
  • Everybody love freebies. Respond to positive mentions with discount coupons or freebies as a way of saying thank you.
  • Reviews! Get as many positive online reviews as possible. Encourage your happy customers to post reviews. Positive reviews help in getting higher search rankings online.
  • Respond to tweets and Facebook comments. Customers usually expect quick responses to their requests.
  • Post videos with your company’s name on YouTube. YouTube is a search engine itself. Google gives importance to YouTube content and at times ranks YouTube videos higher than websites, for search results.
  • Be very cautious of your personal activities. Don’t let them tarnish the reputation of your business.
  • Content is king and quality content is the key to having a good reputation. Good content on your blogs and elsewhere on the site provides more authority to your brand’s name. It also helps in pushing down search results of any negative review your business may have gathered.
  • Develop good relations with the media. Media can help you to develop a positive image. It is an effective medium for getting the right exposure. Hence, make it a priority on your marketing and reputation management plan.
  • Monitoring your online reputation can be a lengthy task. The bigger the business, the bigger the task. So, prioritize which online portals are more important for you to monitor. Pay more attention to them.

Beginner’s Guide to On-Site Ecommerce SEO

Competitor Research

If you have no clue where to start with on-site optimization for your Ecommerce site, then your competitors are your best gamble. Larger competitors particularly have probably already put in the groundwork for optimizing their website, and you can learn many of their secrets on their website itself.


Homepage SEO

The homepage is characteristically where most businesses focus their SEO budget and energy. While it is absolutely one of the top pages of your website to optimize, it is by no means the only one you should focus on.

That said, you do want to optimize your homepage well. The key things you want to contain and optimize are as follows.

  • Homepage Title Tag – The SEO title tag is one of the most important element of on-site search optimization. It should include your business name along with the main keyword phrase you are targeting. You should write this title tag in under 70 characters and in a way that is appealing to search visitors, as they will see it in search results.
  • Homepage Meta Description – While this is not important as far as keyword rankings, the meta description for your homepage is a 160-character description of your business that will also show up in search beneath the title tag. Write it in a way that encourages people to want to visit your website.


  • Homepage Content – The content on your homepage should assist visitors learn more about your business and the products you have to offer in a clear and concise way.
  • Site Architecture
  • As you are adding products and category to your store, remember that site architecture plays an important role in search optimization. chiefly, you want to have a distinct hierarchy of navigation, from your homepage to product categories to the products listed within them.
  • Product Page Optimization
  • Product pages are the livelihood of your business, so you will want to focus a lot of your energy optimizing them. Here are the exact things you want to work on.
  • Product Name
  • The name of your product is important. In the majority cases, it’s also used in the SEO title and URL of your product page. This is why you may want to consider addition a common search term or keyword phrase to your products.
  • Product Description
  • An important element in on-site optimization is the meta description, and Google will usually take your product description and make it the meta description for the page. While the meta description doesn’t help you rank for keywords, it does (in most cases) show up in search results.
  • It also show up when people share your product on Facebook and Pinterest, which makes it necessary
  • Image Optimization
  • Images are an important part of your product page. Stand in your customer’s shoes for a moment. Are you additional likely to buy a product from a site that obviously depicts the product from as many angles as possible, from a site that has no image at all, or from one that is small and illegible?
  • Not only are images vital for your customers, they are important for search optimization.


Help your customer feel more confident about their purchase by also adding video to your product page. The video can be crucial information about your product (like a commercial), a how-to video on ways to use the product to get results, or testimonials from people who have used the product.


Reviews are another way to boost customer confidence in your product, so if you have a good product, be sure to allow them.

Bad reviews aren’t forever a bad thing either. Think about it – if you have a higher priced item that has great reviews, and a lower priced item with so-so reviews, then people will be more likely to choose the higher priced item, resulting in bigger sales for your business.

FAQ Content

Do people ask questions about your products? Of course they do. Having product-exact FAQ content on your product pages is a key to conversions.

Why? If customers have questions that you don’t answer, they’ll go somewhere else to find those answers — and likely buy from the source that answers the questions.