10 bad ways web design can hurt your online business

Today, thanks to a number of DIY tools and services, just about anyone can design a website. But that doesn’t mean everybody should. However, whether you hire a professional web designer or plan to design your site yourself, if you want your online presence to look professional – and keep potential customers from bouncing – avoid these web design no-nos.

  1. Using a splash page

“Splash  pages really have no value in today’s online world,” says Immortal technologies SEO team,. “They run up your website’s bounce rate because users can’t  find what they’re looking for, so they.”

Instead of using a splash page, your website should have a standard home page

  1. Having an inconsistent style

“If your site has a dissonant color palette, does not follow typographical best practices ([regarding] kerning, leading, tracking, etc.) or uses inconsistent typography.

  1. Confusing navigation

Don’t make it hard for visitors to navigate your site and find what they are looking for quickly (in just a click or two). Keep navigation simple by using a horizontal menu with short descriptive labels (typically no more than seven items) across the top of each page, with one level of dropdown menus.

  1. Not making your logo clickable/go to the home page
  2. Using too many (big) images (or animations or videos)

Images [and animations and videos] are weighty, and too many on a web page can significantly slow down your site.

  1. Using graphics for text

All text on a website should be crawlable by search engine bots.  Images as text will also make your website slower. So refrain from using images as text at all cost.”

  1. Using obviously fake or stock images

While the use of stock photography may enhance elements of your website’s design, using these photos to represent your people.

  1. Not embracing white space

By using white space, your content delivers a greater impact to the reader.

  1. Having automated music or sound

Sites should not have automated music or sound. In split tests that we ran, automated audio so drastically reduced on-page time that we never even consider it anymore.

  1. Overusing interstitials

Interstitials are web pages displayed before or after an expected content page. Just get rid of the interstitial and earn subscribers some other way.

Our website development in Delhi team always work on these issues so our clients will be happy for their website.

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